Since I had the photo thing out…

3 Cobalt and white porcelain pencil/pen holders

Commissioned by Angela

Set of three porcelain brush/pen/marker holders, with asymmetric dip glazing and splashing.

Large red cup / handled bowl

See, this is what Cranberry glaze should look like

I made several of these in several colors; this is one of my favorites. They’re intended as soup mugs, but I mean, if you want three cups of coffee or tea in one shot, these will do that.

It's a grey/purple color with hints of green

I swear I glazed this green. GREEN

I’ve been aiming to make a matched pair of green and red coffee mugs for a close friend.

So far, something has critically failed on every single possible set.

Black and White rice bowl with opal glaze interior

Black and white rice bowl with opal glaze interior

This is probably one of my favorite pieces so far. It’s the perfect size and shape to cup in one or both hands, it holds a good amount of food, and it turned out pretty much exactly as I pictured it in my head. Win.