Since moving to Long Beach, I’ve been going for walks on the beach most mornings. (I don’t quite force myself to go, especially if the weather sucks or something is sore.) I’ve been taking pictures pretty much every day, but they just… stay on my phone.

So I thought I’d start posting them here, instead. Mostly just waves and sunshine and things, but also sand patterns or other things that poke my brain in the right ways to make me want it for future project references.

Photos of waves are never as dramatic as looking at them – not just the lack of motion, but photos of waves are always flatter, somehow.
These are my favorites of the many seabirds around here. They’re sandpipers, but I call them Ponyo birds, because they run across the sand like Ponyo. Head down, tail feathers up, wings very slightly spread, and legs underneath blurred like hummingbird wings.
The patterns in the sand, especially where the phones and such interrupt the flow, are beautiful. I want to try to get this kind of effect in pottery glazing… maybe with textured surfaces?
There’s a footprint there… or there was, a second ago.