Big breakers down at the beach this morning, but the most visible sign of it from the beach is that the breakers go out a lot further than normal, and the line of foam is a little higher up the sand than normal.

Blue sky with clouds, line of breakers, and wet sand with foam and reflected sky
I quite like the way the sky reflects in the wet sand
More breakers at the beach, dunes and dry sand visible on the right-hand edge of the frame.
Looking north towards Ocean Park, and you can see the “dry” beach is considerably narrower than normal. (Well. I can. It’s not like there’s a dashed line in the photo showing how wide it should be.)
Brown-colored sea foam as a breaker runs out of energy on the beach.
There’s a lot of sand in these breakers. That’s not too unusual, but some days I’m reminded this beach is a hundred meters wider than it was 40 years ago.
Beach shot looking in the other direction, with the sun visible through high thin clouds.
Looking south towards Long Beach. Not sure what that big bright thing is, though.