This page lists off the projects I’ve completed around here, with the link generally going to the first post related to the project – although I reserve the right to be inconsistent or change my mind about that as I go. These aren’t in any particular order; this is meant to be a browse-the-list, click-on-what’s-interesting gallery of things.

At some point I’ll probably also move old project posts from Facebook, etc., but, like… that’s a project of its own, and I have too many already.

MendelMax 3 Build – Day 1

I recently gave in to the temptation to purchase a 3D printer kit, and settled on the Maker’s Tool Works MendelMax 3 as the best combination of final build quality, upgrade capacity, and potential for fun building it. Not included in that list? High quality build documentation. Which, I suppose, could be considered part of the […]

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Building the iMac Fish Tank

As mentioned in my last blog post, I just finished a long-running project… This project took a lot of time to complete, but that was mostly because I did a lot of thinking and researching and testing – imperfectly, I might add – in an attempt to preserve the look of my one-of-a-kind shell. And […]

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But does it go to 11?

So, my fish tank needed an amp. What? The sound levels in the iMac speakers are too low when driven by the Raspberry Pi that powers the thing, and since I want it to be an internet jukebox for my office, that’s not going to work very well. After much searching for the right amp […]

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