I’ve been experimenting with refining techniques, shapes, and my personal style, and haven’t posted much lately of my progress. But I’ve made some! By my personal definitions, the levels of my progress as a potter have progressed through these stages:

  • “Coulda been done by a gifted 5 year old”
  • “Hey, that’s actually usable!”
  • “The flaws are mostly things you could call character!”
  • “The work of a talented middle school art student”

And the latest stage,

  • “Plausible Pier 1 Knock-off!”

Thank you, thank you, hold the applause please. 

Black and gold textured pottery vase on red background
6″ vase inspired by a 18th century inkpot
Stoneware clay, glazed with Tenmoku and gold wash

This one below is a little different – I threw the pot, but my friend Holly glazed it for me, and I don’t know exactly what she did. But it’s a very nice overall effect.

Multi-colored cup-shaped vase on blue background