So, it’s back to this then.

I used to do a lot of blogging and writing of various sorts. Some of it was anonymous, some of it was under a pen name, some of it was here on my personal site.

I blogged with the Daynotes Gang back when, long ago, and stopped when time and real world stress got in the way. Shortly thereafter, my entire archive of content was deleted – by me, to be clear, through not checking my work before running a simple little command. Oops.

Today, I still do a ton of writing. My job demands it, in fact about 70-80 percent of my time is spent writing. Policy, blog posts, articles, reviews and responses… but while I enjoy my job in many ways, I’m not enjoying the writing very much. It isn’t what I want to be writing, just what I need to write for the office.

And so – here we go again.

I’m going to be writing here, under my own name. I can’t swear that everything I write will appear here, but the vast majority of it will. Blog posts; non-fiction; and fiction again, too.

So I guess it’s time to get started on that, eh?

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