The shot of the glazing projects was from earlier tonight at the start of class – and isn’t even everything, because I missed one more large bowl on the first pass. Due to low bandwidth at the studio, my phone gave up on uploading the image and waited until I was home before it posted.

But hey, in addition to all that glazing tonight, I had a couple finished projects on the rack…

A good size tumbler – haven’t tested the volume yet, but intended to be 20 oz.

This started out as a tall coffee mug and is one of two… but they both lost their handles in the biscuit firing round, so now they’re tumblers. Actually, they’re tumbler… one cracked in the final firing. I glazed them both cobalt because it’s a tricky glaze and I really want to master its secrets.

I’ll get those damned mugs the way I want them eventually…

A smallish whiskey tumbler, with cut sides on the bottom

I was having trouble throwing things big enough, so in a fit of pique I threw a shot glass / whiskey tumbler. Then while I was playing with it I got out a wire cheese knife and sliced the bottom into facets. I actually think the result is quite nice, especially in that rich leopard black glaze…

Inside the whiskey shot glass

… and the opal glaze on the interior doesn’t hurt any.