So. You walk into a windowless room, and it’s dark. You flip the switch and turn on a light.
And now it’s no longer dark.
If you move into the room, the light’s still on. The room hasn’t changed, but now there’s a shadow – your shadow. You might not even notice it, but that’s what happens to the light when the situation changes.
You’re probably fine with that shadow, or with the room being lighter or darker, depending on what you do there. And there’s a whole range of options to control it. Lamps, color choices, room design – all options to get the perfect lighting for the room.
And that’s what security is.
It isn’t a thing you can buy or sell, or a service you can order. Security isn’t a certification or regulation, either.
Security is the light level in the room, a condition that’s variable and determined by factors that are influenced by your choices, the tools at your disposal, and the environment around your business.
And like the light level, it’s probably not the first thing you consider, either – but it is an important factor in your long-term success.
Smooth Sailing Solutions is committed to helping you navigate those factors, to help you control the level of security for your business. We don’t just do that through the network infrastructure or assessments, we help you build the policies and programs that are an essential part of a successful security culture.
Our team includes a diverse range of skills and experience, communications and policy development, and organizational development and security awareness. Our partners include everything from traditional penetration testers and auditors to lawyers and trainers.
We’re passionate about building strong, safe, effective cultures that help our clients not only succeed but thrive. We’re not here to just check the boxes on a list of controls somewhere, but to bring your whole organization into alignment with your overall security goals.
We’re not here to just turn on some lights, but to help you manage the room and drive out the shadows.