Clearing the backlog of pretty pottery projects…

The Jade and Cranberry over Bright White mugs

The Cobalt orchid pot

Bit frustrating, this one. Color’s beautiful, happy with the shape, good weight… And almost but not quite the right size. *Sigh*

Thrown pot with finial lid

The wall thickness of the lid is about the same as the pot, and hollow all the way to the top of the finial knob. Quite happy at this stage…

Glazed finial pot

Somehow in the biscuit firing the lid shrank more than the pot did and so was no longer as good a fit and shape transition. Not the worst ever, just not as good.

Glaze is bright white with wax over it (that’s why it looks green) and carbon trap shino. The wax keeps the shino from sticking making it easier to get the clean line I wanted between them.

Finished pot with finial lid

And here’s the end result.

Right. Back to work then…