I’ve switched from TBT Porcelain to an in-house earthenware clay known as “recycle” – it’s made from scraps of all the clay used in the studio, plus a little grog from failed pieces, plus a little sand. It throws bigger and lighter than porcelain, it’s both easier and harder to work with, and I’m enjoying the change. But it also does different things with glaze; Porcelain fires white, while recycle fires… Sandy-pink-brown? As you might imagine, the colors are then different for the same glaze.

So I’m experimenting. Here are my first four recycle pieces glazed and ready for firing, and I’m noting for myself what I did with them –

3 cups and a bowl, back to front in order –

Glazed light blue, one dip.

Glazed plum, one dip, then a rim dip of lilac

Glazed cranberry, one dip, then brushed smooth

And the bowl is bottom-dipped in gray-blue, rim dipped in medium blue (with some splashes for visual interest) and the inside is peacock.

Finished glaze photos in *hand waggle* a week or so?